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Shelina R. Shankar

M. Ed. (Special Ed.), OGC-PA

Owner/Educational Consultant

Itchy’s Alphabet – NMS Creations Ltd.

Itchy’s Alphabet® Phonics Program is a cutting edge research-based phonics program that uses embedded picture mnemonics to support the acquisition of letter sounds. Our Program supports letter formation learning, letter sounds, fluency, support with letter reversals, and spelling by way of providing children with a visual cue to the letter shape as well as an auditory cue to the letter sound. Itchy’s Alphabet© Phonics Program supports foundational reading skills development for early learners and as an intervention for struggling readers. 

Virtual Meeting Times:

Passcode: SECA2023

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023


Full List of Itchy’s Alphabet Products – Available in English, Spanish and French.

Individualized Training Packages for Organizations.

Our Popular Products
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Alphabet flip-book

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Hands-on Vowels

Starter Set

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