Thursday, February 27, 2020

Site Tour

Riverfield Country Day School

School as a Place of Relationships

Join us on a tour to the Riverfield Country Day School. This half-day tour will include classroom tours, active ateliers, and presentations of stories from the classroom. Transportation from the hotel and a box lunch will be provided.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Opening Keynote Speaker

Dr. Pam Schiller

Right from Birth: The Crucial Role of Social and Emotional Development


A child's readiness for school depends on the most basic of all knowledge, how to learn. The key ingredients of this crucial capacity are in large part related to social-emotional intelligence. Whether or not a child arrives on the first day of kindergarten equipped with these key ingredients depends greatly on how actively the child’s parents and preschool teachers have provided the experiences and interactions that promote social-emotional intelligence. Research identifies seven key characteristics of successful learners, all of which are influenced by social and emotional skills. This session will explore the criteria that determine social and emotional intelligence.

Download the handout for Dr. Schiller's presentation!

SECA Public Policy Luncheon

Paul Shinn & Rebecca Fine

Oklahoma's system of early childhood education is a story of how we've used relationships to create a robust and coordinated system of care. It is also a story of how we are working to extend that success to ensure families receive a full spectrum of wraparound services and integrated alignment with primary and secondary education. Ms. Fine and Mr. Shinn will describe how Oklahoma's unique 0-5 early education system developed and how collaboration was essential to building it and keeping it strong. They'll go on to discuss weaknesses in current systems and efforts that stakeholders are making to address them.

This event requires additional registration.

Site Tour

Tulsa Educare II

Educare is a research-based program with a foundation in the best of early childhood practices that ensure school readiness of children most at risk for school failure. It is in a specially designed place that nurtures early learning and sends a clear message that we must invest in early childhood education because children are born learning. Click here for the flyer.

This event requires additional registration.


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